Important interlogix update


         We have decided to wind down the Interlogix U.S. and Canada businesses in order to focus on growth opportunities in our other fire and security businesses. 

      During this wind-down, we are committed to ensuring that you have the products necessary to support you. For this reason, our factories will remain open and are actively manufacturing product, and we intend to continue to do so through the end of 2019. 

      Most importantly, we want to reassure you that we stand behind our products, and will continue to support you through 2020 and beyond. This       includes: 

  • Maintaining an outside sales team and presence during the wind-down period.
  • Providing customer service and technical support through the same groups that you have been accustomed to working with.
  • Honoring our warranty obligations as prescribed in our policies.
  • Working with our distributors to ensure that they have the product they need, on their shelves, to seamlessly continue their business.

We value the relationship that we have built with you over the years and hope that you can continue       to purchase, install, register, and service Interlogix products with the complete confidence that we stand behind you. 



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Our Partners


Building with one of our exclusive partners?


Congratulations on your new home! Building a new home is so exciting! Please allow me to explain our involvement in this process.  We are the low voltage wiring company for your builder. We offer TV, Phone, Computer, Speakers, Cameras and Security wiring along with various types of Conduits and Central Vacuum Systems. You can arrange an appointment right on our website by selecting the button below. Keep scrolling to see pricing and more!


Your builder will provide a standard package and additional wiring can be purchased for the following prices:

Phone Outlet (CAT6):   $90

TV Outlet (RG6):   $70

Computer Network Outlet (CAT6)  $90

Speaker Outlet (16G)   $70

Subwoofer/Audio Line  $70

16/4 Speaker Outlet (16G)  $120

IR Wire  $70

Camera Wire (CAT6 no ends)   $100

Siding Box  $30

Weather-Proof Box $100

Floor Outlet (Brass Plate) $100

Floor Outlet (Stainless Steel) $150

Conduit (Attic to Basement)  $125

Media Conduit  $100

Fire Place Media Conduit $125

Theater Conduit $250

Central Vacuum System Rough-in to Basement  $750

 Includes 5 outlets

Additional Outlets and Dustpans  $135


Move in day already?!

We also specialize in Home Audio and Video needs once you move in. Everything from simply installing speakers, cameras, security systems, and mounting TV’s to customizing an in-home theater, we’ve got you covered! Be sure to check out our packages in the drop down menus above and check out some of our pricing below!       


 VP62R In-ceiling  $400.00   

Vp62 In-wall  $400.00   

VP66r In-ceiling  $725.00  

 VP66 In-wall  $725.00       

TV INSTALL (If Wired)  

1st TV  Hang $240.00 (Includes Sanus Bracket)

Every Additional TV Hang $180 (Includes Sanus Bracket)

Stone Fireplace TV Hang Starting at $299   

 TV INSTALL (Not Wired)

Starting at $400

CLARE CAMERAS (With Installation) 

Turret 1080P Cams   

16GB $310.00   

Upgrade 32GB $20.00   

Clare 4CH 1TB NVR $360.00   

Clare 8CH 2 TB NVR $699.00   

clare 16CH 4 TB NVR $1,350.00   

Clare 32 CH 8 TB NVR $1,950.00  

 Clare 4MP Pan and Tilt 16 GB $725.00